Quantum Supremacy

20.02.2017 in Events

14-18 August 2017 University of Bristol Organising Committee: Noah Linden, Ashley Montanaro A Heilbronn Focused Research Workshop, formed with the aim of facilitating research groups to…

Heilbronn Annual Conference 2017

13.02.2017 in Events

14 – 15 September 2017 University of Bristol The 2017 Heilbronn Annual Conference will be held at the University of Bristol. A number of distinguished…

Quantum Algorithms Day 2017

26.01.2017 in Events

Tuesday 4th April 2017 Frank Lecture Theatre, Physics Building, Bristol   Continuing the popular series of Heilbronn quantum algorithm meetings, the meeting showcases recent highlights in…

Data Science and Cyber-Security

07.11.2016 in Events

25-27 September 2017 Imperial College London Organisers: Niall Adams, Nick Heard, Patrick Rubin-Delanchy This is the third in a series of workshops aimed at widening the community…

Distinguished Lecture Series 2017

19.10.2016 in Events

The 2017 Distinguished Lecture Series will be given by Maciej Zworski of UC Berkeley. The talks will be held over three days: Monday 27th March 2017…

Large-scale Structures in Random Graphs

23.09.2016 in Events

12 -16 December 2016 Alan Turing Institute, London Organising Committee: Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Jozef Skokan A joint ATI-HIMR Focused Research Workshop,  formed with the…