Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

The Heilbronn Institute supports mathematics in the UK through Research Fellowships and sabbatical opportunities for mathematicians and data scientists, and through a programme of conferences, workshops and focused research activities.

Recent News

  • Congratulations to Katerina Santicola
    Congratulations to Katerina Santicola (Warwick), who has been awarded a Heilbronn Focused Research Grant worth 8K for her collaborative research workshop titled ‘Arithmetic of quartic del Pezzo surfaces…
  • The UK’s First Maths Summit 2024
    The Heilbronn Institute was delighted to be part of the UK’s first Maths Summit and one of the exhibitors showcasing the fundamental role mathematics plays in all aspects of life.  The…
  • Congratulations to Caleb Springer
    Congratulations to Caleb Springer, Heilbronn Research Fellow at UCL, who has accepted a permanent research position at the Center for Communications Research at Princeton starting…
  • Congratulations to Jessica Jay
    Congratulations to Jess Jay, Heilbronn Research Fellow in Bristol, who has accepted a Lectureship in Mathematics at Lancaster University starting this autumn. Following her PhD…
  • Congratulations to Siani Smith
    Congratulations to Siani Smith, Heilbronn Research Fellow in Bristol who has accepted a Lectureship in Computer Science at the University of Loughborough starting this autumn….

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