Heilbronn Institute
for Mathematical Research

The Heilbronn Institute supports mathematics in the UK through Research Fellowships and sabbatical opportunities for mathematicians and data scientists, and through a programme of conferences, workshops and focused research activities.

Recent News

  • Vaughan Jones
    With the untimely death of Vaughan Jones on 6 September 2020, mathematics lost one of its most original and delightful personalities. Vaughan made a number…
  • Sir Roger Penrose wins Nobel Prize for Physics
    The Heilbronn Institute offers its congratulations to Sir Roger Penrose on his award of the 2020 Nobel Prize for Physics. This award is shared with…
  • Dr Daniel Lawson – Maths and Vikings
    Congratulations to previous Heilbronn Fellow Dr Daniel Lawson, on his paper Population genomics of the Viking world published in Nature on 16th September.  This six-year…