Algebraisation and Geometrisation in the Langlands Programme

13 Oct 2015, by cathhoward in Events

29th March – 1st April 2016

In this 4 day conference, we will focus on current trends such as geometric and modular local Langlands correspondences.


Ramla Abdellatif, Lyon
Noriyuki Abe, Hokkaido
Anne-Marie Aubert, Jussieu
Colin Bushnell, London
Guy Henniart, Orsay
Kobi Kremnitzer, Oxford
Nadir Matringe, Poitiers
Sergey Oblezin, Nottingham
Gopal Prasad, Michigan
Dmitriy Rumynin, Warwick
Peter Schneider, Muenster
Vincent Secherre, Versailles
Alexander Stasinski, Durham
Shaun Stevens, East Anglia
Marie-France Vigneras, Paris VII

More information on the conference website

Participants may also be interested in attending the British Mathematical Colloquium held in Bristol the week before this conference.