BMC 2016: British Mathematical Colloquium

12 Jan 2016, by cathhoward in Sponsored events

21-24 March 2016

University of Bristol

In partnership with the London Mathematical Society, the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research and the Clay Mathematics Institute

Organisers Lynne Walling and Tim Dokchitser

Special lectures
Kristin Lauter and Hendrik Lenstra.

Invited speakers
Robert Adler, Luigi Ambrosio, Nalini Anantharaman, Nathanaël Berestycki, Maria Chudnovsky, Radha Kessar, Emmanuel Kowalski, Alex Lubotzky, Andrea Malchiodi, László Pyber, Omri Sarig, Peter Sarnak, Benny Sudakov, Balázs Szegedy, Benedek Valkó, Stefan Wenger, Amie Wilkinson and Sarah Zerbes.

Algebra, organisers Tim Burness, Jeremy Rickard
Analysis, organisers Michiel van den Berg, John Mackay
Combinatorics, organisers Thomas Bloom, Julia Wolf
Ergodic Theory, organisers Thomas Jordan, Corinna Ulcigrai
Number Theory, organisers Andrew Booker, Tim Browning
Probability, organisers Marton Balazs, Balint Toth

Speed talks & posters
In the spirit of Radio 4’s Just A Minute, there will be a session of 5-minute talks, allowing early career researchers, including PhD students, to showcase some of their mathematics.

Satellite meetings 
Ergodic theory, organisers Thomas Jordan, Corinna Ulcigrai
COW Algebraic Geometry, organiser Hamid Ahmadinezhad
BLOC Representation Theory, organisers Neil Saunders, Jason Semeraro, Nicole Snashall

Conference dinner venue and date to be confirmed