PGTC 2016: Postgraduate Group Theory Conference

12 Jan 2016, by cathhoward in Sponsored events

The Postgraduate Group Theory Conference (PGTC) is an annual conference which is organised by PhD students. It aims to provide a relaxed environment for PhD students to share and discuss topics in Group Theory and related areas.

This year Imperial College London will be hosting the 18th PGTC which will take place from Tuesday 28th June to Friday 1st July 2016.

We are proud to announce that the opening and closing talks will be given by our two invited speakers – Dr Tim Burness (University of Bristol) and Dr Rowena Paget (University of Kent). The majority of the time will be devoted to short contributed talks.

We strongly encourage all attendees to give a presentation, and would like to emphasise that both introductory and advanced level talks are welcome.

The pre-registration for the PGTC 2016 is now open! Please visit the pre-registration page for more information.

For any queries please email