Heilbronn Workshop on Computations with Modular Forms

26 Feb 2016, by ablahatherell in Events

Organisers: Lloyd Kilford, Gabor Wiese, Lassina Dembélé

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers developing and
using algorithms in the field of modular forms and automorphic forms

There will be lectures and practical sessions with the aim of interchanging ideas, algorithms and implementations, as well as
making them accessible to the mathematical public. An online resource is
to be produced.

The lectures should explain algorithms, their theoretical background,
possible applications, etc. Broad introductory talks of a high quality and short talks would be welcome.

Main Speakers:

David Loeffler: Imperial
Ken Mc Murdy: Ramapo
Nathan Ryan: Bucknell
Nils-Peter Skoruppa: Siegen
Fredrik Stromberg: Clausthal
John Voight: Vermont
Jared Weinstein: UCLA
Dan Yasaki: Massachusetts