Number Theory and Random Phenomena

26 Feb 2016, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

26 – 30 March 2007


Organisers: Chris Hughes, Jon Keating and Nina Snaith

Probability has played an increasingly important role in number theory. There are now many results and conjectures in number theory that have a probabilistic flavour – for example central limit theorems, large deviation results, and links with random matrix averages. But there is much more to probability and statistics than this. Our goal in the workshop is to explore whether other, deeper, connections may exist. This workshop is sponsered by the Heilbronn Institute.

Main Speakers:

J.-M. Deshouillers
A. Gamburd
K. Ford
F. Goetze
D. Hejhal
K. Johansson
J. Marklof
E. Meckes
A. Nikeghbali
N. O’Connell
Z. Rudnick
K. Soundararajan
G. Tenenbaum
M. Yor