WIN-E2: Women in Numbers Europe 2

23 Aug 2016, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

WIN-E2: Women in Numbers Europe 2

The workshop will have the dual objectives of carrying out simultaneous research projects during the workshop that result in ongoing collaborations, and mentoring junior women in mathematics. The workshop will bring together established researchers, young faculty, and advanced graduate students.

The workshop will highlight and advance the scientific goals and research agendas of women who are active and successful researchers in number theory. At the same time this framework will be used to help create a strong collaboration network for young female researchers coming into the field, connect them with important research directions and expand their network of collaborators and research mentors.

Rather than focusing on disseminating the results of established researchers, the workshop will focus on research projects that will be started during the week of the workshop and have the potential to result in on-going collaboration between the participants.

Prior to the workshop, each participant will be assigned to a working group according to her research interests, and each group will have one or two leaders who will suggest research projects and provide background reading for their groups. During the workshop groups meet and work on their project. At the end of the week, some members of each research group will describe their group’s progress. We plan to publish a proceedings volume where working groups may publish resulting paper. The papers in this proceedings volume will be published subject to positive referee reports by the experts in the field. This is the same format that was used with great success during the WIN and
WINE workshops held at BIRS and Luminy.

The workshop is organized in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute. We are very grateful to them and to our other sponsors: Foundation Compositio Mathematica, the Heilbronn Institute, the Number Theory Foundation and Microsoft.

Venue: Lorentz Center

Scientific Organisers:

Irene Bouw (Ulm, Germany)

Rachel Newton (Reading, United Kingdom)

Ekin Özman (Istanbul, Turkey)