Harmonic Analysis and its Interactions: In Honour of Tony Carbery

23 Sep 2016, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

17 – 21 July 2017

Juan Antonio Barcelo, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Jonathan Bennett, University of Birmingham
Philip Gressman, University of Pennsylvania
Jim Wright, University of Edinburgh

Over the last decade the international research landscape in harmonic analysis has seen a dramatic and unexpected broadening of its connectivity within mathematics. The emergence of surprising new approaches to longstanding problems at the heart of the subject has led to many high-profile breakthroughs across mathematics. Many of these new developments can be traced back to the foundational contributions of Tony Carbery, who has been the leading figure in the development of euclidean harmonic analysis in the UK for the last three decades, and has long been a key figure internationally. This excitement is attracting considerable attention internationally, and progress is currently fast-moving. The purpose of the proposed conference is to honour Tony Carbery by bringing together many of the key drivers of research in harmonic analysis at these important interfaces, at a time when international interest is at a peak. The central role of UK activity in these major developments makes the ICMS an ideal venue for such a conference at this time.

This conference will focus attention on aspects of harmonic analysis lying at the forefront of research in pure mathematics. Developments in just the last five years have transformed the profile of modern harmonic analysis, drawing attention from many communities, from the more classical dispersive PDEs and analytic number theory, to the more surprising algebraic geometry and topology.

The surge in pace of progress in harmonic analysis over the last five years has exposed a wide variety of new and unexpected methodologies and applications. It is widely considered that the exploitation of these new ideas and approaches is still in its infancy.

This workshop is intended to capitalise on this by drawing together research leaders in harmonic analysis at its interfaces across mathematics.

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