Perspectives on the Riemann Hypothesis

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4 – 7 June 2018

A meeting on the Riemann Hypothesis, and on the theory of the zeta-function and other L-functions.
Venue: Lecture Theatre 3, Chemistry Building, Cantock’s Close, BS8 1TS, University of Bristol

This event is organised in partnership with:  The American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) | University of Bristol | The Clay Mathematics Institute (CMI) |  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) |  Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research (HIMR) |  The National Science Foundation (NSF)


K. Ball (Warwick)
E. Bombieri (IAS, Princeton)
A. Booker (Bristol)
A. Connes (IHES)
B. Conrey (AIM)
A. Florea (Stanford)
N. Katz (Princeton)
P. Garrett (Minnesota)
S. Patterson (Göttingen)
M. Radziwill (McGill)
P. Sarnak (Princeton)
W. Sawin (ETH Zurich)
C. Skinner (Princeton)
K. Soundararajan (Stanford)
T. Tao (UCLA)
F. Villegas (ICTP)
W. Zhang (M.I.T)

Conference Programme
◊ Conference Titles and Abstracts 

Slides: Ball talkBombieri talk iBooker talkConnes TalkConrey talkGarrett talk  | Katz talkPatterson talk | Radziwill talkSarnak talk  |  Villegas talkZhang talk
Problem Session:
RH: Problem Session
Videos can be found at the AIM website: Riemann Hypothesis Conference videos

Organising Committee: J.B. Conrey (AIM/Bristol), J.P Keating (Bristol), P. Sarnak (Princeton), A. Wiles (Oxford)