Heilbronn Colloquium

19 Jan 2018, by franblake in Events

Henry Cohn, Microsoft

The sphere packing problem in dimensions 8 and 24

What is the densest packing of congruent spheres in Euclidean space? This problem arises naturally in geometry, number theory, and information theory, but it is notoriously difficult to solve, and until recently no sharp bounds were known above three dimensions. In 2016 Maryna Viazovska found a remarkable solution of the sphere packing problem in eight dimensions. In this talk I’ll describe how her breakthrough works and where it comes from, as well as follow-up work extending it to twenty-four dimensions (joint work with Kumar, Miller, Radchenko, and Viazovska).

16.00 20th February 2018

SM1, Main Building, University of Bristol

The colloquium will be followed by a wine reception in the Common Room at the Main Maths Building.

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