Career Development

16 Oct 2019, by franblake in Events

Thursday 24th October 2019

Theme: Networking and Visibility

What is networking? What is visibility? Why are they important in your career? How can you increase your visibility? How can you network more effectively?

This session will explore these questions with the aim of helping you improve these key skills so you can build your network of contacts (and potential collaborators) and increase your visibility within your research community. 

We are very pleased to welcome back Dr Rachel Herries from Imperial College’s award-winning Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre to lead the session. It promises to be a useful event for all fellows and I strongly encourage you to attend. It will be helpful if you can bring your phone to the session (or any other device for connecting to the internet), plus some paper and a pen.

Lunch will be provided from 13:00. Please send any dietary requirements you have to