Career Development Event- Tim Burness

30 Oct 2019, by franblake in Events

Date: Thursday November 21st
Time: 12:00-14:00 (including lunch)
Location: Fry Building G.07, University of Bristol

Title: Publish and prosper
Speaker: Tim Burness
Panel members: Asma Hassannezhad, Tim Dokchitser

Publishing is essential for communicating the results of your work and for advancing knowledge in your research area. Moreover, rightly or wrongly, one of the main ways that your research and your standing in the wider community are judged is through your published work in peer-reviewed journals. Indeed, the strength of your research, as evidenced by publications, is likely to be the single biggest factor in determining the future trajectory of your career.

In this session, I will share my own views on writing papers and publishing, ranging from advice on managing multiple projects, through to choosing a journal and dealing with editors and referees.

The second half will feature a panel discussion and Q&A on this theme with our colleagues Asma Hassannezhad (Lecturer in Pure Mathematics) and Tim Dokchitser (Heilbronn Chair in Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry). I hope you will also be willing to share some of your own experiences.

The session will be followed by lunch in the Staff Common Room – please send any dietary requirements to Jasmine at