Geometry and Analysis: Celebrating the Mathematics of Pierre Pansu

07 Nov 2019, by franblake in Sponsored events

23 – 28 September 2019

University of Oxford, UK

This conference will review key mainstream directions in the recent development of geometry which sprang from Riemannian Geometry in an attempt to use its methods in various contexts of non-smooth geometry.  This concerns recent developments in sub-Riemannian geometry, metric generalizations of the theory of non-positively curved spaces and discretizations of methods in geometry, geometric measure theory and global analysis.  All these themes are intertwined and have developed either together or greatly influencing one another.  The conference will focus on the synergy of these very modern areas, and chart the latest developments and the remaining open problems.  


Emmanuel Breuillard (Cambridge)
Martin Bridson (Oxford)
Cornelia Drutu (Oxford)
Enrico Le Donne (Jyväskylä)

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