Career Development Event: The lectureship leap

18 Dec 2019, by franblake in Events

Date: Thursday January 30th
Time: 12:15-14:00 (including lunch)
Location: Fry Building G.07, University of Bristol

Title: The lectureship leap
Speaker: Tim Burness
Panel members: Mike Blake, Asma Hassannezhad, Neil Saunders

In this session we will focus on making the transition from research fellow/postdoc to permanent lecturer, which is perhaps the most important milestone in an academic career. But what is a lectureship? Why do you want one? What does it entail? What key skills are university employers looking for? What do you need to do in order to be successful in a crowded and intensely competitive job market? 

I’ll begin with a short presentation, where I will share some of my own thoughts and advice on this topic. Heilbronn Fellows have a good track record of securing permanent academic appointments, should they wish to do so, and I will highlight several success stories involving former fellows.

For the remainder, we will open up to a panel discussion and Q&A. I am very pleased that Mike Blake (Lecturer in Mathematical Physics at Bristol since September 2019) and Asma Hassannezhad (Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Bristol since September 2017) will be joining us for this discussion. In addition, we will be welcoming back Neil Saunders who is a former Heilbronn Fellow (at Bristol and City University) and now Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich. 

The session will be followed by lunch in the Staff Common Room – please send any dietary requirements to Holly at