Tropical Geometry, Berkovich Spaces, Arithmetic D-Modules and p-adic Local Systems

27 Feb 2020, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

8 December 2020 – 10 December 2020

Imperial College of London

The format of the conference switched to a virtual form due to the conditions related to the pandemic and the impossibility to maintain the funding for a further date.

The theory of Berkovich spaces is a powerful and elegant approach to analytic geometry over non-archimedean fields. Over the past decade it has found many striking applications in areas such as arithmetic geometry, p-adic differential equations, and dynamics. Running through many of these recent developments is a thread of tropical geometry. In some cases the tropical link is already firmly established, while in others it is not yet more than a promising hint. Our view is that there is now an exciting potential to forefront the role of Tropical geometry while exploring the application of Berkovich theory in the intersecting areas of arithmetic D-modules, non-archimedean representation theories and p-adic local systems. This conference brings together leading experts in each of these areas in order to energize this vision and establish appropriate links.


Andrea Pulita, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Ambrus Pal, Imperial College of London, UK

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