Shape Optimisation and Geometric Spetral Theory Workshop

21 Jun 2021, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

19 – 23 September 2022 | ICMS, Edinburgh

Spectral geometry, calculus of variations, and elliptic PDEs are a central part of modern analysis and geometric analysis.  At the same time, these have important applications in other sciences, in particular mathematical physics.  This workshop aims to bring together leading experts in these fields to discuss the main developments and open questions.  The main research themes of the workshop include shape optimisation and sharp functional inequalities, Robin boundary value problems, Steklov eigenvalue problems, and properties of eigenfunctions and solutions to elliptic PDEs.


Ilaria Fragalà (Milan, Italy)
Nunzia Gavitone (Naples, Italy)
Katie Gittins (Durham, UK)
Asma Hassannezhad (Bristol, UK)

More Information on the workshop website.