Focused Research: Synthesizing Approaches to the Stark Conjectures

08 Nov 2021, by Kelly Woodcock in Sponsored events

21 – 25 March 2022

School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK

This focused workshop aims to bring together experts across different specialities to develop new frameworks for attacking the Stark conjectures.

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Owen Patashnick (Bristol/KCL)
Gene Kopp (Purdue)


Marcus Appleby (Sydney)
Jonathan Bober (Bristol)
Cecilia Busuioc (UCL)
Henri Darmon (McGill)
Dan Fretwell (Bristol)
Markus Grassl (Gdansk)
David Hubbard (Warwick)
Mahesh Kakde (IISC)
Gene Kopp (Purdue)
Jeff Lagarias (Michigan)
Luis Garcia Martinez (UCL)
Gary McConnell (Imperial College London)
Jeehoon Park (KAIST)
Owen Patashnick (Bristol/KCL)
Alice Pozzi (Imperial College London)
David Solomon (Connecticut)
Glenn Stevens (Boston)
Razan Taha (Purdue)
Jan Vonk (Leiden)
Larry Washington (Maryland)

Participation is by invitation only.