Congratulations to Dan Fretwell

10 Jan 2022, by ablahatherell in News

Congratulations to Dan Fretwell, Heilbronn Research Fellow, who has been offered a lectureship position at the University of South Wales in Cardiff.

Dan joined the Heilbronn Institute in October 2015 following his PhD from University of Sheffield under the supervision of Neil Dummigan. His thesis explored questions concerning the theory of Eisenstein congruences for Siegel modular forms of paramodular level (those appearing in the generalisation of Wiles’ famous modularity theorem to abelian surfaces). Since then, Dan has worked on various problems concerning the arithmetic of automorphic forms and Galois representations, as well as more concrete things such as lattices and quadratic forms.

Dan’s recent publication with Marton Balazs and Jessica Jay, uses probabilistic methods to prove new combinatorial q-series identities generalising the Jacobi Triple Product (Interacting particle systems and Jacobi style identities) has been submitted to Annales Henri Poincare.

We wish Dan every success in his new position and future research!