Congratulations to Chris Birkbeck

21 Sep 2022, by ablahatherell in News

Congratulations to Chris Birkbeck who has been offered a lectureship position at the University of East Anglia starting in the new year.

Chris has been a Heilbronn research fellow at University College London since 2019.  His work is in Number Theory, and he’s interested in p-adic automorphic forms, eigenvarieties and mathematical formalisation. In particular, he likes to compute and study p-adic Hilbert modular forms as well as formalising automorphic constructions in Lean.  Chris obtained his PhD from Warwick under the supervision of Lassina Dembele and John Cremona in 2017.  His recent paper with Ben Heuer (Bonn) and Chris Williams (Warwick), ‘Overconvergent Hilbert modular forms via perfectoid Hilbert modular varieties‘, will be published in Annales de l’Institut Fourier later this year. Alongside his research, Chris has taught the 3rd/4th year course on algebraic number theory at UCL as well as supervising several 4th year masters students.

We wish Chris every success in his new position!