ICMS Workshop: Gauge Fields in Arithmetic, Topology and Physics

28 Nov 2022, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

6 – 10 March 2023

ICMS, Bayes Centre, Edinburgh, UK

Supported by the Heilbronn Institute Small Grants Scheme

There is a history of fruitful links between low-dimensional topology and number theory, going back at least to Mazur’s observation that primes in number rings can be viewed as analogues of knots in a 3-manifold. More recently, the introduction of arithmetic gauge theory by M. Kim and collaborators paves the way to further bring ideas from theoretical physics to bear on fundamental problems in number theory and arithmetic geometry. This conference aims to explore this exciting new direction, and the links between number theory, topology and physics in general, with a particular focus on the role played by gauge fields as a unifying framework. In doing this, we will bring together experts and early career researchers in each of the areas mentioned above, with a view to fostering new collaborations and enabling participants to become acquainted with recent developments.


Amina Abdurrahman (IHES)
Dohyeong Kim, (Seoul National University)
Adam Morgan (Glasgow)
Masanori Morishita (Kyushu)


Amina Abdurrahman (IHES)
Oren Ben-Bassat (Haifa)
Magnus Carlsson (Stockholm)
Christopher Deninger (Muenster)
Nadav Gropper (Ben-Gurion)
Sergei Gukov (DIAS/Caltech)
Hiroaki Karuo (Gakushuin)
Ruth Lawrence-Naimark (HUJI)
Toshiki Matsusaka (Kyushu)
Akihito Mori (Tohoku)
Tomoya Murakami (Tohoku)
Tony Pantev (Upenn)
Jeehoon Park (QSMS / Seoul National University)
Jonathan Pridham (Edinburgh)
Fernando Rodriguez Villegas (ICTP)
Yifei Zhao (Muenster)

More information on the workshop website