ICMS Workshop: Modelling Diffusive Systems (MoDiS 2023): Theory & Biological Applications

05 Dec 2022, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

11 – 15 September 2023

International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), Edinburgh, UK

Supported by the Heilbronn Institute Small Grants Scheme

The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from different communities to cover the investigation of diffusive systems from several viewpoints: analytically, combining methods and techniques from Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) and dynamical systems to derive and analyse mathematical models for the applied phenomena; numerically, reviewing the most recent techniques and software for the computation of bifurcation diagrams and continuation with respect to the systems’ parameters; and, last but not least, from the applied — in particular biological — viewpoint: a constant exchange of knowledge between the theoretical investigations and the experimental data is in fact crucial in order to advance the research in this area.


Valeria Giunta (Sheffield)
Annalisa Iuorio (Vienna)
Angelika Manhart (UCL)
Cinzia Soresina (Graz)


Maxime Breden (École Polytechnique)
Maria Bruna (Cambridge)
Martina Chirilus-Bruckner (Leiden)
Pierre Degond (Imperial College)
Lukas Eigentler (Bielefeld)
Ulrike Feudel (Oldenburg)
Laura Kanzler (Paris Dauphine)
Andrew Krause (Durham)
Christina Kuttler (Munich)
Anna Marciniak-Czochra (Heidelberg)
Ricardo Martínez-García (ICTP-South American Institute for Fundamental Research)
Philip Pearce (UCL)
Jonathan Potts (Sheffield)
Mariya Ptashnyk (Heriot-Watt)
Nikolaos Sfakianakis (St Andrews)
Ariane Trescases (CNRS,Toulouse)
Hannes Uecker (Oldenburg)
Frits Veerman (Leiden)
Marie-Therese Wolfram (Warwick)
Antoine Zurek (Université de Technologie de Compiègne)

Public Lecture by: Jonathan Sherratt (Heriot-Watt)

More information on the workshop website