Quivers, Clusters, Moduli and Stability

21 Dec 2022, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

9 – 13 January 2023

University of Oxford, UK

Supported by the Heilbronn Institute Small Grants Scheme

The primary aim of this meeting is to foster interactions between geometers and algebraists, so that problems and methods can be shared between these communities. It also serves to celebrate the 60th birthday of Alastair King. In the course of his long academic career, he has made a number of highly significant and original contributions to algebraic geometry, representation theory, and to the relationship between them.


Nathan Broomhead (Plymouth)
Henry Liu (Oxford)
Timothy Logvinenko (Cardiff)
Matthew Pressland (Glasgow)
Yŭ Qiū (Tsīnghuá)


Luis Álvarez-Cónsul (ICMAT)
Tom Bridgeland (Sheffield)
İlke Çanakçı (VU Amsterdam)
Joseph Chuang (CU London)
Alastair Craw (Bath)
Oscar García-Prada (ICMAT)
Amihay Hanany (Imperial)
Yang-Hui He (CU London)
Victoria Hoskins (RU Nijmegen)
Dominic Joyce (Oxford)
Bernhard Keller (Paris) (online)
Miles Reid (Warwick)
Markus Reineke (Bochum)
Konstanze Rietsch (King’s College London)
Gregory Sankaran (Bath)
Wolfgang Schief (New South Wales)
Sibylle Schroll (Cologne)
Xiuping Su (Bath)
Richard Thomas (Imperial)
Michael Wemyss (Glasgow)
Katrin Wendland (Trinity College Dublin)
Alexandra Zvonareva (Stuttgart)

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