LMS-Bath Symposium on Geometric and Categorical Representation Theory

03 Apr 2023, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

7 – 11 August 2023

University of Bath, UK

Partly supported by The Heilbronn Institute  Small Grants Scheme

The past ten years have been some of the most exciting and fruitful years in the history of representation theory. One of the overarching themes in this story is the search for richer structures which secretly underpin the classical problems in the field – these might manifest themselves as geometric or diagrammatic categories. These richer structures provide us with new intuition and new lines of attack on long-standing open problems.  The purpose of this workshop is to bring together experts in this field, we are also hosting a complementetary  summer school for early career researchers.


Chris Bowman (York)
Iain Gordon (Edinburgh)
Radha Kessar (Manchester)
Neil Saunders (Greenwich)
Lewis Topley (Bath)


Noriyuki Abe (Tokyo)
Pramod Achar (louisiana)
Karin Baur (Leeds)
Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow)
David Benson (Aberdeen)
Jon Brundan (Oregon)
Maria Chlouveraki (CNRS)
Maud De Visscher (City)
Olivier Dudas (CNRS)
Ben Elias (Oregon)
Jonathan Gruber (Singapore)

Amit Hazi (York)
Markus Linckelmann (City)
Nicolas Libedinsky (Chile)
Ivan Losev (Yale)
Gunter Malle (TU Kaiserslautern)
Vera Serganova (UC, Berkeley)
Peng Shan (Tsinghua)
*Travis Schedler (Imperial College)
Catharina Stroppel (Bonn)

More information on the workshop website