Geometry Conference in Bristol

05 Apr 2023, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

22 – 23 May 2023

School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK

Supported by the Heilbronn Institute Small Grants Scheme

The conference will bring world experts in a variety of areas of geometry to the School of Mathematics in Bristol, allowing researchers at Bristol to learn about the latest techniques and ideas from those that are developing them. It will also bring geometry researchers from across the UK to the University fostering national and international collaborations.


Viveka Erlandsson (Bristol)
Luke Jeffreys (Bristol)


Ara Basmajian (CUNY)
Tara Brendle (Glasgow)
Cornelia Drutu (Oxford)
Dawid Kielak (Oxford)
Christopher Leininger (Rice)
Hugo Parlier (Luxembourg)

More information on the conference website