Public Lecture by Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin)

20 Jul 2023, by ablahatherell in Events

20 January 2021

Part of the Fry Conference Series

School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK

The Discrete Charm of Geometry

Alexander Bobenko, Mathematical School, The Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Discrete geometric structures (points, lines, triangles, rectangles, polygons, etc.) are ubiquitous in everyday life, ranging from visible sophisticated freeform structures in contemporary architecture to hidden geometric algorithms in computer generated imagery. On the other hand, discrete geometric structures have also proven to be very useful in modeling and approximating continuous shapes (e.g. curves and surfaces) and real processes. This lecture provides a non-technical and pictorial introduction to the foundations of a new beautiful branch of mathematics which underpins these real world situations. We will also show excerpts from our new computer-animated movie entitled “Koebe Polyhedra and Minimal Surfaces”.

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