Congratulations to Caleb Springer

25 Mar 2024, by ablahatherell in News

Congratulations to Caleb Springer, Heilbronn Research Fellow at UCL, who has accepted a permanent research position at the Center for Communications Research at Princeton starting this autumn.

Following his PhD from Pennsylvania State University under the supervision of Kirsten Eisentr√§ger, Caleb joined the Heilbronn Institute in 2021. His research area is broadly concerned with algebraic number theory and arithmetic geometry. His most recent paper, ‘Definability and decidability for rings of integers in totally imaginary fields‘, was published in the Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society.

Caleb has co-organized several seminars, including the London Number Theory Seminar, the Heilbronn London Seminar, and the London Number Theory Study Group.

We wish Caleb every success in his new position and future research!