Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Heilbronn Institute places a high priority on the issues of equality, diversity, and inclusion within the mathematical community and beyond.  We monitor and seek to address imbalance within Institute-sponsored activities, and have introduced new schemes targeting specifically at increasing female Heilbronn Fellows and PhD students. The diversity of our cohorts of students, researchers, and staff is an important component of Institute excellence.

We currently support 54 Fellows, 10 of whom are women (~18% ). We also support 85 PhD Students, 21 of whom are women (~25%).

The Heilbronn Institute has partnered with the University of Bristol and seeks to maintain the standards and policies of both the University and the School of Mathematics.  The School of Mathematics has a strong track records on equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues and was awarded the Athena SWAN Silver award in 2023. The Institute is a supporter of the London Mathematical Society Good Practice Scheme which provides specific support for departments working towards the Athena SWAN status.

Referral Scheme: We will offer £500 towards the personal research expenses of any member of staff at a UK University who refers an applicant who is then successfully appointed to a Heilbronn Fellowship, and who increases the diversity of the Institute.  If you wish to draw our attention to such a candidate, or if you wish to submit your referrals, please contact the Heilbronn Manager at heilbronn-manager@bristol.ac.uk

Sponsored Events: We require that research events supported by the Heilbronn Institute have an appropriate gender balance among speakers and participants, and we encourage organisers to actively engage to help achieve this.

Support for Carers: We offer support to carers to enable their participation at our events.  We help with the cost of child care for invited speakers and participants attending our events .