Geometric and topological graph theory

25.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Tom McCourt and Tony Nixon A 5 day workshop focusing on geometric and topological problems related to graph theory. Expected topics include topological graph…

Heilbronn Quantum Algorithms meeting

25.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Steve Brierley (Bristol), Richard Jozsa (Cambridge) and Andreas Winter (Bristol) Workshop Theme The study of algorithms that exploit properties of quantum systems is an…

HIMR Postdoc Talks

25.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Tim Browning, Oliver Johnson and Julia Wolf Description This is a morning session of five short talks by current Heilbronn fellows from 10am to…

Probability, Analysis and Dynamics

17.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Marton Balazs (Bristol), Edward Crane (Bristol), Nic Freeman (Bristol), Jens Marklof (Bristol), Balint Toth (Bristol/Budapest) Invited speakers: Itai Benjamini (Rehovot) Paul Bourgade (Princeton/Cambridge) Hugo…

Heilbronn Annual Conference 2014

17.02.2016 in Events

Description The 2014 Heilbronn Annual Conference will be held at the University of Bristol on the 11th and 12th September. A number of distinguished mathematicians…

Heilbronn Annual Conference 2016

12.01.2016 in Events

15-16 September 2016 (9:30 – 17:00) Venue: Lecture Theatre 2, Chemistry Building, Cantock’s Close, Bristol BS8 1TS The Heilbronn Annual Conference will be held at…