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British Mathematical Colloquium (BMC) 2017

20.02.2017 in Sponsored events

3-6 April, Durham University Main Speakers: Eva Bayer Fluckiger, ÉPFL Noam Elkies, Harvard University Kenji Fukaya, Kyoto University/Simons Center Isabelle Gallagher, Université Paris-Diderot Laurent Lafforgue, IHÉS Jacob Lurie,…

Statistical data science

13.02.2017 in Sponsored events

Data science is an emerging discipline, fuelled by continuing advances in technology for data acquisition, storage and curation. Data Science is fundamentally inter-disciplinary, covering computer…


15.12.2016 in Sponsored events

Monday 13 March 2017 Attlee Suite, Portcullis House Westminster, London A Poster Competition at Westminster for early career researchers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics (formerly SET…

Groups St Andrews 2017

21.11.2016 in Sponsored events

Birmingham 6-12 August 2017 Groups St Andrews 2017 is organised by the University of St Andrews and the University of Birmingham. It will take place…

British Isles Graduate Workshop

11.11.2016 in Sponsored events

Isle of Wight 2-8 April 2017 Organisers: Pierrick Bousseau (Imperial College London), Emily Maw (UCL), Andrea Tirelli (Imperial College London) The first British Isles Graduate Workshop will be held…

GAeL XXV, Geometrie Algebrique en Liberte

07.11.2016 in Sponsored events

University of Bath 26-30 June 2017 Organiser: Claudio Onorati Arend Bayer (University of Edinburgh, Scotland), Stability conditions and classical algebraic geometry Alessandra Sarti (University of Poitiers,…