Extrema of Logarithmically Correlated Processes, Characteristic Polynomials, and the Riemann Zeta Function

Monday 9 May 2016 – Friday 13 May 2016 
Venue: NSQI Seminar Room, G05, Ground Floor, The Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI), Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1FD
Sponsored by: Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research

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Copies  of all slides presented at the 2016 Log-Correlated workshop in pdf format.

You can also download all slides in pdf format (16 MB) in this link slide presentations.  For quick navigation slides are bookmarked.


The correction term for the maximum of the CUE characteristic polynomial
Elliot Paquette, Weizmann Institute, Israel

Fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index H = O and the Gaussina unitary ensemble
Boris Khoruzhenko, QMUL, London

Extreme value statistics of 2D Gaussian free field effect of finite domains
Alberto Rosso, Paris-Sud, France

Extrema of log-correlated fields: duality and freezing, moments of their position, and applications
Pierre Le Doussal, ENS, France

Moments of beta-ensembles
Alexi Reynolds, Bristol, UK

Introduction to Riemann zeta and characteristic polynomials
Nina Snaith, Bristol, UK

Linear eigenvalue statistics for sample covariance matrices without independent structure in columns
Anna Lytova, Edmonton, Canada

Extreme values of Riemann zeta over (0,T)
Christopher Hughes, York, UK

On Maxima of GUE characteristic polynomials
Nick Simm, Warwick, UK

Multiplicative chaos measures for a random model of the Riemann zeta function
Eero Saksman, Helsinki, Finland

Freezing for log-correlated fields
Rémi Rhodes, Univ. of Paris, France

Theory of Barnes beta probability distributions
Dmitry Ostrovsky, Yale, US

The Circular Unitary Ensemble and the Riemann Zeta Function: the microscopic landscape
Ashkan Nikeghbali, Zurich, Switzerland

On the maximum of the characteristic polynomial of the circular beta ensemble
Joseph Najnudel, Toulouse, France

Linear statistics of half-heavy-tailed random matrices
Anna Maltsev, Bristol, UK

Log correlated Gaussian fields and log-gases
Christian Webb, Helsinki, Finland

The largest fragment of a homogeneous fragmentation process
Francis Lane, Bath, UK