Extrema of Logarithmically Correlated Processes, Characteristic Polynomials, and the Riemann Zeta Function

Monday 9 May 2016 – Friday 13 May 2016 

Venue: NSQI Seminar Room, G05, Ground Floor, The Bristol Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information (NSQI), Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1FD

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Evening Meals: Participants are free to make their own arrangements for dinner apart from Thursday 12 May 2016 (Workshop Dinner)

Where to Eat: There is no shortage of Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants near the University.  Here are a few options:


  • Nettle & Rye: Formerly The Hop House. Expensive, but great beers. Get what you pay for. it’s found in Clifton Village.
  • The Roo bar: Beer is expensive in Bristol; it’s a bargain here.
  • Beerd: Also expensive, but also great beer. Does pizzas.
  • The Highbury Vaults: Typical English pub with good selection of ales. If you want lager, prepare to be glared at. Does food, although it isn’t great. The only place that will sell you a scotch egg in a packet of crisps.
  • The White Bear: Passable selection of ales and lagers. Decent food, although better for non-vegetarians.
  • The Robin Hood: Good beer, no food, can get busy.
  • The Eldon House: Medium-expensive pub, with a nice atmosphere, good drinks selection, and pretty good food.
  • The Old Duke: Live jazz music almost every evening (free entry), no food.
  • The Apple: Wide choice of ciders, some food available.
  • Colston arms: Serve food between fixed hours, good place to watch sport.
  • The Beer Emporium: Famous for wide choice of beer, but serves food as well.
  • The Landsdown: Nice English pub with good ales and food.

Restaurants and Cafes

  • Koh Thai: A really fantastic Thai restaurant on the triangle. Superb food at a medium price.
  • Zero degrees: A pizza place with an authentic oven. But the real reason to go here is that it has its own microbrewery brewing tasty dark-light beers. Close to the university.
  • QED: An aptly named bistro close to the university, for excellent cafe food. A lunch stop.
  • Boston tea party: A good chain cafe; you’ll find one on Park street, Whiteladies road and in Clifton village. Great for breakfast and lunch. Good coffee, good food, good atmosphere.
  • Oz restaurant: A tasty Turkish restaurant on the Triangle.
  • Krishna Inn: Medium-priced Indian restaurant on the Triangle. Good for vegetarians/vegans.
  • Magic Roll: Take-away wraps on the Triangle, roughly £6. Outrageously good, big portions. Vegetarian/vegan suitable.
  • Bill’s: A nice and spacious cafe on the Triangle.
  • Falafel King: £5 falafel wraps. A cheap, healthy, delicious, vegetarian pitstop. Good for both lunch and dinner with a groovy middle-eastern atmosphere.
  • The Thali Cafe: A Bristol institution, a branch of which is in Clifton village. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about the thalis. Reasonably priced, very good. Vegetarian/vegan suitable.
  • The Burger Joint: Highly customizable burgers which, correctly chosen, are rather good. Medium-priced; vegetarian/vegan suitable.
  • Friska: Good food at a very good price, roughly £6.50. Serves excellent coffee as well. Style closer to a cafeteria than restaurant.
  • Mayflower: Chinese restaurant recommended by all Chinese.
  • Wide choice of food on St. Nicholas market. Great place for lunch every day of the week, except Sunday.
  • The Cuban: Restaurant and cocktail bar, extremely close to Ibis hotel. Every evening, in a separate room, they have dance classes following by a freestyle.