Heilbronn Colloquia

The Heilbronn Colloquia are a lively source of inspiration and discussion, organised in collaboration with the School of Mathematics, University of Bristol. They are aimed towards a general mathematical audience and usually followed by a reception designed to give people the opportunity to have more informal contact with the speaker.

Below are links to future and past Heilbronn Colloquia.

19 April 2023: Iosif Polterovich (Montréal)

Past Heilbronn Colloquia

2023: Jinho Baik (Michigan)

2023: Nalini Anantharaman (Strasbourg)

2022: Pierre Del Moral (INRIA Bordeaux)

2022: Goulnara Arzhantseva (Vienna)

2022: Tara Javidi (U.C. San Diego)

2022: Andreas Strömbergsson (Uppsala)

2021: Imre Leader (Cambridge) | Recorded

2021: Emmanuel Breuillard (Cambridge) | Recorded

2021: Kaisa Matomäki (Turku) | Recorded

2021: Larry Guth (MIT) | Recorded

2021: Wei Biao Wu (Chicago)

2020: Imre Leader (Cambridge) 

2019: James Maynard (Oxford)

2019: Zeev Rudnick (Tel Aviv)

2018: Bernd Sturmfels (U.C. Berkeley)

2018: Marta Casanellas (BarcelonaTech)

2018: Nathalie Wahl (Copenhagen)

2018: Mihaela van der Schaar (Oxford)

2018: Henry Cohn (Microsoft Research)

2016: László Babai (Chicago)

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