Highlighted papers 2018/19

Cracking the problem with 33. Booker, Andrew R. arXiv:1903.04284

Hodge numbers and deformations of Fano 3-folds. Brown, Gavin; Fatighenti, Enrico.arXiv: 1707.00653

Age evolution in the mean field forest fire model via multitype branching processes. Crane, Edward;  Rath, Balazs; Yeo, Dominic. arXiv: 1811.07981

Anosov flows, growth rates on covers and group extensions of subshifts. Dougall, Rhiannon; Sharp, Richard. arXiv: 1904.01423

Constructing Fano 3-folds from cluster varieties of rank 2.Coughlan, Stephen ; Ducat, Tom. arXiv:1811.10926. 

Hecke operators of Hilbert-Siegel theta series. Fretwell, Dan; Walling, Lynne. arXiv: 1909.01852

The Templates for Some Classes of Quaternary Matroids. Grace, Kevin. arXiv: 1902.07136.

Higher congruences between newforms and Eisenstein series of squarefree level. Hsu, Cathy. arXiv: 1706.05589.

Lp to Lq  bounds for spherical maximal operators. Anderson, T.; Hughes, K.; Roos, J.; Seeger, A. arXiv: 1909.05389.

Gapless topological phases and symmetry-enriched quantum criticality. Verresen, Ruben; Thorngren, Ryan; Jones, Nick G.; Pollmann, Frank. arXiv: 1905.06969.

Projecting Fanos in the mirrorKasprzyk, A.; Katzarkov, L.; Przyjalkowski, V.; Sakovics, D. arXiv: 1904.02194.

SIC-POVMs and the Stark conjectures. Kopp, Gene. arXiv: 1807.05877.

Characterisation of the poles of the l-modular Asai L-factor. Kurinczuk, Rob; Matringe, N. arXiv.1903.02427

Typical representations via fixed point sets in the Bruhat—Tits building. Latham, Peter; Nevins,Monica. arXiv: 1909.05895.

RLE edit distance in near optimal time. Clifford, R.; Gawrychowski, P.; Kociumaka, T.; Martin, D.P.; Uznański, P. arXiv: 1905.01254

On the structure of axial algebras. Khasraw, S.; McInroy, J.; Shpectorov, S. arXiv:1809.10132

Ratios of Artin L-functions. Hochfilzer. L.; Oliver, T. arXiv:1910:02821.

Measuring the non-Gorenstein locus of Hibi rings and normal affine semigroup rings. Herzog, Jürgen; Mohammadi, Fatemeh; Page, Janet. arXiv: 1903.05847.

Decomposition algebras and axial algebras. De Medts, T.; Peacock, S.; Shepctorov, S.; Van Couwenberghe, M. arXiv:1905.03481

Oracle complexity classes and local measurements on physical Hamiltonians. Gharibian, S; Piddock, S; Yirka, J. arXiv:1909.05981

Topological data analysis of graph embeddings. Rubin-Delanchy, P.

A 2-compact group as a spets. Semeraro, J. arXiv: 1906.00898.

Overconvergent Hilbert modular forms via perfectoid modular varieties. Birkbeck, C.; Heuer, B.; Williams, C. arXiv: 1902.03985.