Video Archive

This collection of recorded lectures contains stimulating talks given by leading mathematicians and distinguished speakers from around the world. They cover a broad range of mathematics, including algebra, combinatorics, data science, geometry, number theory, probability, and quantum information.

Heilbronn Annual Conference 2022

Viviane Baladi (LPSM, Paris): Statistical Properties of Dispersive Billiards [abstract] [video]

Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston): Mordell’s Conjecture and the Last 100 Years [abstract]

Martin Bridson (Oxford): Aspects of Rigidity for Automorphism Groups of Free Groups [abstract] [video]

Toby Cubitt (UCL): A Mathematical Theory of Hamiltonian Simulation and Duality [abstract] [video]

Nicolas Curien (Paris-Sud Orsay): On the Cheeger Constant of Hyperbolic Surfaces [abstract] [video]

Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS-Lyon): Dynamical Correlations in a Hard Sphere Gas [abstract] [video]

Laura Schaposnik (Illinois, Chicago): Mirror Symmetry for Higgs Bundles, Generalized Hyperpolygons and More [abstract] [video]

Benny Sudakov (ETH, Zurich): Emergence of Regularity in Large Graphs [abstract] [video]

Heilbronn Annual Conference 2021

Caucher Birkar (Cambridge): Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry [abstract] [video]

Jon Brundan (Oregon): Braids, Ribbons and Webs in Representation Theory [abstract] [video]

Ana Caraiani (Imperial College): Reciprocity Laws and Torsion Classes [abstract] [video]

Heather Harrington (Oxford): Algebraic Systems Biology [abstract] [video]

Gil Kalai (HUJI): A World Without Quantum Computers [abstract] [video]

Peter Keevash (Oxford): Hypergraph Decompositions and their Applications [abstract] [video]

Tatiana Nagnibeda (Geneva): Spectra and Spectral Measures on Cayley Graphs of Finitely Generated Groups and their Actions [abstract] [video]

Jeremy Quastel (Toronto): Integrable Fluctuations in 1+1 Dimensional Random Growth [abstract] [video]

Heilbronn Colloquia 2021

Emmanuel Breuillard (Cambridge): Approximate Groups [abstract] [video]

Larry Guth (MIT): Local Smoothing for the Wave Equation [abstract] [video]

Imre Leader (Cambridge): Pursuit and Evasion [abstract] [video]

Kaisa Matomäki (Turku): On Primes and Other Interesting Sequences in Short Intervals [abstract] [video]

Heilbronn Distinguished Lecture Series 2021

Amie Wilkinson (Chicago): Symmetry and Asymmetry in Dynamics [abstract] [video]

Amie Wilkinson (Chicago): Asymmetrical Diffeomorphisms [video]

Amie Wilkinson (Chicago): Geometry, Symmetry and Rigidity [video]

Perspectives on the Riemann Hypothesis Conference 2018

Keith Ball (Warwick): Rational Approximations to Zeta Function [slides] [video]

Enrico Bombieri (IAS, Princeton): Pseudo-Laplacians: A Special Case [abstract] [video]

Andrew Booker (Bristol): L-functions [abstract] [video]

Alain Connes (IHES): The Riemann-Roch Strategy [abstract] [video]

Brian Conrey (AIM): L-functions and Random Matrix Theory [abstract] [video]

Alexandra Florea (Stanford): Moments of L-functions [abstract] [video]

Nick Katz (Princeton): RH in Characteristic p; the Importance of Family Values [abstract] [video]

Paul Garrett (Minnesota): Pseudo-Laplacians on Automorphic Forms [abstract] [video]

Samuel Patterson (Göttingen): The Context of Riemann’s Paper on the Distribution of Prime Numbers [abstract] [video]

Maksym Radziwill (McGill): Typical Behavior of L-functions [abstract] [video]

Peter Sarnak (Princeton): Commentary and Comparisons of some Approaches to GRH [slides] [video]

Will Sawin (ETH Zurich): More on Zeroes of L-functions over Function Fields [abstract] [video]

Christopher Skinner (Princeton): Zeros of L-functions and Ranks of Elliptic Curves [abstract] [video]

Kannan Soundararajan (Stanford): The Value Distribution of Zeta and L-functions [abstract] [video]

Terry Tao (UCLA): Bounding the de Bruijn-Newman Constant [abstract] [video]

Fernando Rodriguez Villegas (ICTP): Hypergeometric Motives [abstract] [video]

Wei Zhang (MIT): Positivity of L-functions and ‘Completion of Square’ [abstract] [video]