The Heilbronn Institute offers a range of opportunities in support of mathematics in the UK.

Mathematicians and Data Scientists with positions in UK Universities can make either short-term or long-term working visits to the Institute.  In the latter case, they are typically seconded from their home institution, with the Heilbronn Institute covering their employment costs.  The Institute also supports a number of postdoctoral Research Fellows and postgraduate students.

The Institute runs a number of workshops and conferences each year, which are open to anyone to attend.  It also funds focused research activities, for example small groups to work on adventurous and ambitious projects.  Forthcoming opportunities of this kind are advertised on our events page .

Furthermore, the Institute provides support for a range of mathematical meetings run in the UK; for recent examples, see our events page.

To discuss any of the opportunities outlined above, please contact the Chair of the Heilbronn Institute, pa-chair-himr@bristol.ac.uk.

Call for proposals

Heilbronn Focused Research Grants

Call for proposals

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research is offering a number of grants of up to £7.5K to fund focused research groups to work on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.

These grants will support travel and local expenses for groups to come together to focus intensively on a problem or to discuss a significant new development in mathematics. We expect these groups to be normally 12 or fewer people. Groups are encouraged to include international participants but should also involve a substantial UK-based component.

Proposals of no more than one page of A4.

Further Particulars

The primary focus of these grants is to facilitate research groups to work in a focused way on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.

Proposals will be judged principally on the importance and timeliness of the mathematics to be focused on, and on the track records of the senior members of the groups. Adventurous ideas are particularly encouraged.

Your proposal should include:

-An explanation of the mathematics to be focused on.

-Who will be invited and why the team is appropriate.

-How much funding is needed (up to £7.5K), and how will it be used.

Additional information:

Proposals from these areas of research, interpreted broadly, will be given priority: Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Computational Statistics, Number Theory, Probability, and Quantum Information.

We encourage proposals for groups that have a balance of overseas and UK participation, experienced and early career researchers (e.g. post-docs, postgraduate students), and that promote diversity. However, we do not wish to be prescriptive.

There should be a commitment from the group of their willingness to participate.

The call for proposals is now closed, we are likely to advertise again in early 2020.


Heilbronn Research Fellowships

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research invites applications for Research Fellowships to be held in either Bristol, Manchester, or London. Research Fellows divide their time equally between their own research and the research programme of the Heilbronn Institute, which offers opportunities to engage in collaborative work as well as individual projects.

Research areas of interest include, but are not restricted to, Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Combinatorics, Computational statistics, Data Science, Number Theory, Probability, and Quantum Information. These areas are interpreted broadly: Fellows have previously been appointed with backgrounds in most areas of Pure Mathematics and Statistics, and in several areas of Mathematical/Theoretical Physics.

Due to the nature of the Heilbronn Institute’s work, Fellows much satisfy vetting before appointment. UK resident UK nationals will normally be able to meet this condition: other potential applications should consult the Heilbronn Manager at himr-recruitment@bristol.ac.uk about eligibility before applying. Fellow may become a member of the USS pension scheme.

There is a salary supplement of £3.5K pa, in recognition of the distinctive nature of these Fellowships. Payment of this supplement is conditional on a finished thesis having been accepted in final form, because we expect Heilbronn Fellows to hold PhDs before working at the Heilbronn Institute. In addition, a fund of at least £2.5K pa, to pay for research expenses will be available for each Fellow.

The Fellowship will be for three years, with a preferred start date in October 2019, though another date may be possible by prior agreement.

The Heilbronn institute is a supporter of the LMS Good Practice Scheme aimed at advancing women’s careers in mathematics and we particularly welcome applications from women for this post. Candidates interested in learning more about the working environment at the Institute prior to application ware welcome to contact the Associate Chair, Dr Tim Burness, at assoc-chair-himr@bristol.ac.uk.

Our vacancies are now closed, we will advertise our annual Fellowship opportunities in the Autumn 2019.

Referral Initiative

We are keen to recruit the most able mathematicians, and committed to increasing the diversity of our applicant pool.

In particular, we have been looking at ways to try and address our current and historic gender imbalance. As a result, we have introduced a referral initiative targeted specifically at increasing the number of female Heilbronn fellows. We will be offering £500 towards personal research expenses to any member of a UK university who refers a female applicant that is then successfully appointed to a Heilbronn fellowship in this recruitment round.

Referrals must be submitted to the Heilbronn Manager at heilbronn-manager@bristol.ac.uk no later than the closing dates (as mentioned above). Colleagues are welcome to refer more than one candidate. If a referral is received via more than one source, i.e. the same candidate is referred by two or more colleagues, funding will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you have any questions about this scheme, or wish to draw our attention to a candidate who would contribute to diversity at Heilbronn in other ways, please contact the Heilbronn Manager directly at heilbronn-manager@bristol.ac.uk.

Our Heilbronn postdoctoral fellowships are for a duration of three years, and require the fellow to spend 50% of their time on internal, government-directed research. For the remaining 50% of their time the fellow is free to pursue their own research interests. In many cases HRFs make significant contributions in their research groups within their departments and beyond their publications, for example by helping to organise seminars and reading groups and talking to graduate students. A large proportion of our fellows have gone on to permanent academic appointments.

While internal work in Heilbronn focuses on certain priority areas (number theory, algebra, combinatorics, algebraic geometry, probability, statistics and quantum information), successful applicants do not necessarily need to work exclusively in these areas. Strong problem-solving skills, a broad mathematical background and willingness to collaborate with others are highly valued. If you have any questions about the suitability of a particular individual’s research background the Chair will be happy to discuss this informally. Security clearance is a non-negotiable requirement so only UK citizens, or citizens of countries with very close ties to the UK, will be eligible to apply. If in doubt, please contact our Heilbronn Manager at heilbronn-manager@bristol.ac.uk.