Funding Opportunities

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research (HIMR) offers a number of funding activities available to UK mathematicians. These opportunities include a number that are funded through the UKRI/EPSRC ‘Additional Funding Programme for Mathematical Sciences‘.  Funding for Mathematicians currently includes:

Small Grants Scheme: HIMR offers small grants for projects supportive of UK mathematical research.  We expect many grants to be at the level of £5,000 or less, but we will accept applications up to £10,000, or occasionally greater when a strong case is made.  The funding can be used to support activity involving mathematical research taking place in the UK.  Full proposals can be submitted at any time and will be considered on a rolling basis.  To apply please visit this link.

Focused Research Grants: HIMR offers a number of grants of up to £8 K to fund focused research groups to work on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.  These grants will support travel and local expenses for groups to come together to focus intensively on a problem or to discuss a significant new development in mathematics. We expect these groups to be normally 8 or fewer people. We will consider workshop proposals once a year, usually in November.  For more information please visit this link

Contact: Please contact Heilbronn Manager at if you have questions about the above schemes/grants.

If your proposal falls outside the above funding schemes, please email your proposal to the Chair at