Funding Opportunities

The Heilbronn Institute offers a range of opportunities in support of mathematics in the UK.

Mathematicians and Data Scientists with positions in UK Universities can make either short-term or long-term working visits to the Institute.  In the latter case, they are typically seconded from their home institution, with the Heilbronn Institute covering their employment costs.  The Institute also supports a number of postdoctoral Research Fellows and postgraduate students.

The Institute runs a number of workshops and conferences each year, which are open to anyone to attend.  It also funds focused research activities, for example small groups to work on adventurous and ambitious projects.  Forthcoming opportunities of this kind are advertised on our events page .

Furthermore, the Institute provides support for a range of mathematical meetings run in the UK; for recent examples, see our events page.

To discuss any of the opportunities outlined above, please contact the Chair of the Heilbronn Institute,

Heilbronn Focused Research Grants (FRG) –

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research annually offers a number of grants of up to £7.5K to fund focused research groups to work on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.

These grants will support travel and local expenses for groups to come together to focus intensively on a problem or to discuss a significant new development in mathematics. We expect these groups to be normally 8 or fewer people. Groups are encouraged to include international participants but should also involve a substantial UK-based component.

Proposals from these areas of research, interpreted broadly, will be given priority: Pure Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, and Quantum Information.

This FRG call in now closed.