2017 HIMR Focused Research Grants

Call for proposals

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research is offering a number of grants of up to £7.5K to fund focused research groups to work on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.

These grants will support travel and local expenses for groups to come together to focus intensively on a problem or to discuss a significant new development in mathematics. We expect these groups to be normally 12 or fewer people. Groups are encouraged to include international participants, but should also involve a substantial UK-based component.

Open to all mathematicians and to any department in the UK.

Proposals of no more than one page of A4 should be sent by 16 January 2017 to: heilbronn-manager@bristol.ac.uk

Further Particulars:

The primary focus of these grants is to facilitate research groups to work in a focused way on adventurous and challenging mathematical problems, or to discuss important new developments in mathematics.

Proposals will be judged principally on the importance and timeliness of the mathematics to be focused on, and on the track records of the senior members of the groups. Adventurous ideas are particularly encouraged.

We would normally expect the PI’s university to host the meeting, but it is possible for the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol to host groups should there be a good reason for this.

Your proposal should include:

-An explanation of the mathematics to be focused on.
-Who will be invited and why the team is appropriate.
-How much funding is needed (up to £7.5K), and how will it be used.
-The dates you plan to run the event.

Additional information:

Proposals from these areas of research, interpreted broadly, will be given priority: Pure Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, and Quantum Information interpreted in its broadest sense.

We encourage proposals for groups that have a balance of overseas and UK participation, experienced and early career researchers (e.g. post-docs, postgraduate students), and that promote diversity. However, we do not wish to be prescriptive.

There should be a commitment from the group of their willingness to participate. We will accept 2 proposals per Department/School.

Activities, expenditure, and expense claims must be completed at their host institutions by the end of February 2018.