Research papers 2018/19

Cracking the problem with 33. Booker, Andrew R. arXiv:1903.04284

Test vectors for Rankin-Selberg L-functions. Booker, Andrew R.; Krishnamurthy, M.; Lee, Min arXiv:1903.03458

Hodge numbers and deformations of Fano 3-folds. Brown, Gavin; Fatighenti, Enrico. arXiv: 1707.00653

Preface to Chapter 4 (on Polynomials) of the 50th anniversary update of Research Problems in Function Theory. Crane, Edward. Edited by Walter Hayman and Eleanor Lingham.

Age evolution in the mean field forest fire model via multitype branching processes. Crane, Edward;  Rath, Balazs; Yeo, Dominic. arXiv: 1811.07981.

Anosov flows, growth rates on covers and group extensions of subshifts. Dougall, Rhiannon; Sharp, Richard. arXiv: 1904.01423

Constructing Fano 3-folds from cluster varieties of rank 2.Coughlan, Stephen ; Ducat, Tom. arXiv:1811.10926. 

Mori flips, cluster algebras and diptych varieties without unprojection. Ducat, Tom.

Hecke operators of Hilbert-Siegel theta series. Fretwell, Dan; Walling, Lynne. arXiv: 1909.01852

On Density-Critical Matroids. Campbell, R.; Grace, K.; Oxley, J.; Whittle, G. arXiv: 1903.05877

On the Highly Connected Dyadic, Near-Regular, and Sixth-Root-of-Unity Matroids. Clark, B.; Grace, K.; Oxley, J.; van Zwam, S.H.M. arXiv: 1903.04910

The Templates for Some Classes of Quaternary Matroids. Grace, Kevin. arXiv: 1902.07136

Higher congruences between newforms and Eisenstein series of squarefree level. Hsu, Cathy. arXiv: 1706.05589

Bounds for lacunary maximal functions given by Birch–Magyar averages. Cook, B; Hughes, K. arXiv: 1905.09189

Lp to Lq  bounds for spherical maximal operators. Anderson, T.; Hughes, K.; Roos, J.; Seeger, A. arXiv: 1909.05389

Gapless topological phases and symmetry-enriched quantum criticality. Verresen, Ruben; Thorngren, Ryan; Jones, Nick G.; Pollmann, Frank. arXiv: 1905.06969

Quasi-period collapse for duals to Fano polygons: an explanation arising from algebraic geometry. Kasprzyk, A.; Wormleighton, B. arXiv: 1810.12472

Projecting Fanos in the mirrorKasprzyk, A.; Katzarkov, L.; Przyjalkowski, V.; Sakovics, D. arXiv: 1904.02194

On the Fine interior of three-dimensional canonical Fano polytopes. Batyrev, V.; Kasprzyk, A.; Schaller, K.

SIC-POVMs and the Stark conjectures. Kopp, Gene. arXiv: 1807.05877

Characterisation of the poles of the l-modular Asai L-factor. Kurinczuk, Rob; Matringe, N. arXiv.1903.02427

Typical representations via fixed point sets in the Bruhat—Tits building. Latham, Peter; Nevins,Monica. arXiv: 1909.05895.

RLE edit distance in near optimal time. Clifford, R.; Gawrychowski, P.; Kociumaka, T.; Martin, D.P.; Uznański, P. arXiv: 1905.01254.

Enumerating $3$-generated axial algebras of Monster type. Khasraw, S.; McInroy, J.; Shpectorov, S. arXiv:1809.10657.

On the structure of axial algebras. Khasraw, S.; McInroy, J.; Shpectorov, S. arXiv:1809.10132

Ratios of Artin L-functions. Hochfilzer. L.; Oliver, T. arXiv:1910:02821

Measuring the non-Gorenstein locus of Hibi rings and normal affine semigroup rings. Herzog, Jürgen; Mohammadi, Fatemeh; Page, Janet. arXiv: 1903.05847

Decomposition algebras and axial algebras. De Medts, T.; Peacock, S.; Shepctorov, S.; Van Couwenberghe, M. arXiv:1905.03481

Hardness and Ease of Curing the Sign Problem for Two-Local Qubit Hamiltonians. Klassen, J.; Marvian, M.; Piddock, S.; Ioannou, M.; Hen, I.; Terhal, B. arXiv: 1906.08800

Oracle complexity classes and local measurements on physical Hamiltonians. Gharibian, S; Piddock, S; Yirka, J. arXiv:1909.05981

A Quantum Search Decoder for Natural Language Processing. Bausch, J.; Subramanian, S.; Piddock, S. arXiv:1909.05023

Toplogical data analysis of graph embeddings. Rubin-Delanchy, P.

Spectral clustering in the weighted stochastic block model. Gallagher, I.; Bertiger, A.; Priebe, C.; Rubin-Delanchy, P. arXiv: 1910.05534.

 Nonparametric Ridge Estimation Under Heteroscedastic Measurement Error. Rubin-Delanchy, P.

A 2-compact group as a spets. Semeraro, J. arXiv: 1906.00898

Overconvergent Hilbert modular forms via perfectoid modular varieties. Birkbeck, C.; Heuer, B.; Williams, C. arXiv: 1902.03985