Highlighted papers 2015/16

Continuous monitoring for changepoints in data streams using adaptive estimation. Bodenham, D.A.; Adams, N.M. Stats. Comput., (2016), in press.

The capacity of nonadaptive group testing. Aldridge, M. arXiv:1511.05201

Clique decompositions of multipartite graphs and completion of Latin squares. Barber, B.; Kühn, Daniela; Lo, Allan; Osthus, Deryk; Taylor, Amelia. arXiv:1603.01043

Nonnoetherian homotopy dimer algebras and noncommutative crepant resolutions. Beil, Charlie. arXiv:1609.08112

A plectic Taniyama group. Blake, C. arXiv:1606.03320

New computations of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line. Bober, Jonathan; Hiary, Ghaith. Preprint at arXiv:1607.00709. To appear in Experimental Mathematics. Eprint: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10586458.2016.1233083

Convex separation from convex optimization for large-scale problems. Brierley, Steve; Navascues, Miguel; Vertesi, Tamas. arXiv:1609.05011

Mating Quadratic Maps with the Modular Group II. Bullett, Shaun; Lomonaco, Luna. arXiv:1611.05257

Cluster growth in the dynamical Erdős-Rényi process with forest fires. Crane, Edward; Freeman, Nic; Toth, Balint. Electron. J. Probab. Volume 20 (2015), paper no. 101, 33 pp. https://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ejp/1465067207

Serre weights and wild ramification in two-dimensional Galois representations. Diamond, Fred; Dembélé, L.; Roberts, D. arXiv:1603.07708

Bayesian uncertainty quantification for transmissibility of influenza, norovirus and Ebola using information geometry. House, Thomas; Ford, Ashley; Lan, Shiwei; Bilson, Samuel; Buckingham-Jeffery, Elizabeth; Girolami, Mark.

Genus 2 paramodular Eisenstein congruences. Fretwell, Dan. arXiv:1603.07088

Increasing the minimum distance of codes by twisting. Gillespie, N.I.; Praeger, C.E.; Akbari, M. arXiv: 1511.07154

Adaptive sequential Monte Carlo for multiple changepoint analysis. Heard, Nicholas; Turcotte, Melissa. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics. doi: 10. 1080/10618600.2016.1190281

Discrete restriction estimates of epsilon-removal type for kth-powers and k-paraboloids. Henriot, Kevin; Hughes, Kevin. arXiv: 1610.03984

Endo-classes for p-adic classical groups. Kurinczuk, Robert; Skodlerack, Daniel; Stevens, Shaun. arXiv:1611.02667

An Euler system for characters over an imaginary biquadratic field. Lamplugh, Jack. arXiv:1611.05702

A stochastic McKean—Vlasov equation for absorbing diffusions on the half-line. Ledger, Sean; Hambly, B. Accepted to Annals of Applied Probability, 2016. arXiv:1605.00669

Notes on Low Degree L-Data. Oliver,Tom. To appear in RIMS Kokyuroko. arXiv:1601.05009

Rational Mixed Tate Motivic Graphs. Agarwala, Susama; Patashnick, Owen. arXiv: 1602.01478

A Bayesian cluster analysis method for single-molecule localization microscopy data, to appear in Nature Protocols, 2016. Griffié, Juliette; Shannon, Michael; Bromley, Claire L.; Boelen, Lies; Burn, Garth L.; Williamson, David J.; Heard, Nicholas A.; Cope, Andrew P.; Owen, Dylan M.; Rubin-Delanchy, Patrick.

Modular curves and Néron models of generalized jacobians. Scholl, Tony; Jordan, Bruce W.; Ribet, Kenneth.

Reduced fusion systems over p-groups with abelian subgroup of index p: II. Semeraro, Jason; Craven, David; Oliver, Bob. arXiv:1606.05133

Modularity of tree-like and random regular graphs. Skerman, Fiona; Colin McDiarmid. arXiv:1606.09101

Hasse Principle Violations for Atkin-Lehner Twists of Shimura Curves. Clark, Pete L.; Stankewicz, James.

The Irreducible Subgroups of Exceptional Algebraic Groups. Thomas, Adam. (preprint at arXiv:1608.05103 [math.GR], 137 pages.