Highlighted papers 2014/15

New quantitative approaches reveal the spatial preference of nuclear compartments in mammalian fibroblasts./ Weston D.J.; Russell R.A.; Batty E.; Jensen K.; Stephens D.A.; Adams N.M.; Freemont P.S. Journal of Royal Society Interface (2015), doi:10.1098/rsif.2014.0894.

The capacity of Bernoulli nonadaptive group testing. / Aldridge M. arXiv:1511.05201.

Fractional clique decompositions of dense graphs and hypergraphs./ Barber, Ben; Kühn, Daniela; Lo, Allan; Montgomery, Richard; Osthus, Deryk. arXiv:1507.04985.

Nonlocality and the central geometry of dimer algebras./ Beil, Charlie. arXiv:1412.1750.

Ramsey equivalence of Kn and Kn+Kn−1./ Bloom, Thomas F. , Liebenau, Anita. arXiv:1508.03866.

The frequency and the structure of large character sums./ Bober, Jonathan; Goldmakher, Leo; Granville, Andrew; Koukoulopoulos, Dimitris. arXiv:1410.8189.

Non-classicality of temporal correlations./ Brierley, S.; Kosowski, A.; Markiewicz, M.; Paterek, T.; Przysiezna, A. arXiv 1501.03505.

A Yoccoz inequality for matings between quadratic polynomials and the modular group./ Bullett, Shaun; Lomonaco, Luna.

A Diophantine approach to the three and four exponentials conjectures./ Butler, Lee A. The Ramanujan Journal, 13 October 2015, pp 1-23.

On Boole’s formula for factorials./ Alzer, Horst; Chapman, RobinAustralas. J. Combin. 59(2) (2014), 333–336 .

Conway groupoids, regular two-graphs and supersimple designs./ Gill, Nick; Gillespie, Neil I.; Praeger, Cheryl E.; Semeraro, Jason. arXiv:1510.06680.

Adaptive sequential Monte Carlo for multiple changepoint analysis./ Turcotte, Melissa J. M.; Heard, Nicholas A. arXiv:1509.08442.

Test vectors for local cuspidal Rankin-Selberg integrals of GL(n), and reduction modulo ℓ./ Kurinczuk, Robert; Matringe, Nadir. arXiv:1501.07587.

Rigid cohomology over Laurent series fields./ Lazda, Christopher; Pál, Ambrus.

Vahlen groups defined over commutative rings./ McInroy, Justin. arXiv:1506.05624.

Salem numbers of trace -2, and a conjecture of Estes and Guralnick. / McKee, James; Yatsyna, Pavlo. In: Journal of Number Theory, Vol. 160, 01.03.2016, p. 409–417.

Notes on Low Degree L-Data. / Oliver, Thomas D. arXiv: 1601.05009v2 .

Explicit estimates: from Λ(n) in arithmetic progressions to Λ(n)/n./ Platt, David; Ramare, Oliver. Accepted to appear in Experimental Maths.

Posterior predictive p-values and the convex order./ Rubin-Delanchy, Patrick; Lawson, Daniel John. arXiv:1412.3442.

Irreducible Components of Exotic Springer Fibres./ Saunders, Neil; V. Nadakumar V.

Bounding the Number of Hyperedges in Friendship $r$-Hypergraphs. / Gunderson, Karen; Morrison, Natasha; Semeraro, Jason. European J. Combinatorics 51 (2016), 125-134. arXiv:1412.5822.

Degree sequences of random digraphs and bipartite graphs./ Skerman, F.; McKay, B. D. Journal of Combinatorics. 7, 1, 29 p. arXiv:1302.2446.

On the non-commutative endomorphism rings of abelian surfaces./ Stankewicz, James. arXiv:1511.02518.

The Jacobson–Morozov theorem and complete reducibility of Lie subalgebras./ Thomas, Adam R.; Stewart, David I. arXiv: 1507.06234.

Simultaneous dense and nondense orbits and the space of lattices./ Shi, R.; Tseng, J. International Mathematics Research Notices 2015 (21) (2015), 11276-11288.