Research Papers 2017/18

Individual testing is optimal for nonadaptive group testing in the linear regime. Aldridge, M.IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, online first, 2018.arXiv:1801.08590

Performance of group testing algorithms with near-constant tests-per-item.Johnson,O.; Aldridge, M; Scarlett, J. arXiv:1612.07122 

Minimalist designs. Barber, Ben; Glock, Stefan; Kühn, Daniela; Lo, Allan; Montgomery, Richard; Osthus, Deryk. arXiv:1808.06956

The Namer-Claimer game. Barber, Ben. arXiv:1808.10800.

Logarithmic bounds for Roth’s theorem via almost-periodicity. Bloom, Thomas; Sisask, Olof. arXiv:1810.12791

GCD sums and sum-product estimates. Bloom, Thomas; Walker, Aled. arXiv 1806.07849

Smooth values of polynomials. Bober, J; Fretwell, D.; Martin, G.; Wooley,T. arXiv:1710.01970

A note on Maass forms of icosahedral type. Booker, Andrew R. arXiv:1712.06876

Simple zeros of automorphic L-functions. Booker, Andrew R.; Cho, Peter J.; Kim, Myoungil. arXiv:1802.01764

Twist-minimal trace formulas and the Selberg eigenvalue conjecture. Booker, Andrew R.; Lee, Minn; Strömbergsson, Andreas. arXiv:1803.06016

Primitive values of quadratic polynomials in a finite field. Booker, Andrew R.; Cohen, Stephen D.; Sutherland, Nicole; Trudgian, Tim. arXiv:1803:01435

New integral representations for Rankin-Selberg L-functions. Booker, Andrew R.; Krishnamurthy, M.; Lee, Minn. arXiv:1804.07721

Quantitative estimates for simple zeros of L-functions. Booker, Andrew R.; Milinovich, Micah B.; Ng, Nathan. arXiv:1806.01959

Functional large deviations for Cox processes and Cox/G/infinity queues, with a biological application. Crane, E.; Dean, J.; Ganesh, A. arXiv:1808.04347

Steady state clusters and the Rath-Toth mean field forest fire model. Crane, E. arXiv:1809.03462

Diffusion and superdiffusion in lattice models of colliding particles with stored momentum. Crane, E.; Ledger, S.; Toth, B. arXiv:1809.03257

Explicit Chabauty-Kim for the split Cartan modular curve of level 13. Balakrishnan, Jennifer S.; Dogra, Neta; Müller, J. Steffen; Tuitman, Jan; Vonk, Jan. arXiv:1711.05846

An effective Chabauty-Kim theorem. Balakrishnan, Jennifer S.; Dogra, Netan. arXiv:1803.10102

Computing the Cassels-Tate pairing on 3-isogeny Selmer groups via cubic norm equations. Beek, M. van; Fisher, T. arXiv:1711.02432

Explicit moduli spaces for congruences of elliptic curves. Fisher, T. arXiv:1804.10195

A Classification of a family of maximum sets of equiangular lines in Euclidean space. Gillespie, Neil. arXiv:1809.05739

2-neighbour transitive codes with small blocks of imprimitivity. Gillespie, Neil; Hawtin, Daniel; Praeger, Cheryl. arXiv:1806:10514

Construction of the outer automorphism of S6 via a complex Hadamard matrix. Gillespie, Neil; O’Cathain, Padraig; Praeger, Cheryl. arXiv:1805.01273

ℓ^p -improving for discrete spherical averages. Hughes, K. arXiv:1804.09260

Sparse bounds for k-spherical maximal functions: continuous and discrete. T. Anderson and K.Hughes.

Asymptotic Correlations in Gapped and Critical Topological Phases of 1D Quantum Systems. Jones, Nick; Verresen, Ruben. arXiv:1805.06904

Four dimensional Fano quiver flag zero loci (with an appendix by T. Coates, E. Kalashnikov, and A. Kasprzyk). Kalashnikov, E. arXiv:1808.00311

SIC-POVMs and the Stark conjectures. Kopp, Gene. arXiv:1807.05877

Galois self-dual cuspidal types and Asai local factors. Anandavardhanan, U. K.; Kurinczuk, Robert; Matringe, Nadir; Vincent Sécherre; Stevens, Shaun. arXiv:1807.07755

The l-modular local Langlands correspondence and local factors. Kurinczuk, Robert; Matringe, Nadir. arXiv:1805.05888

On the unicity of types for tame toral supercuspial representations. Latham, P; Nevins, M. arXiv:1801.06721

Random walk on the randomly-oriented Manhattan lattice. Ledger, Sean; Tóth, Bálint; Valkó, Benedek. arXiv:1802.01558

A McKean–Vlasov equation with positive feedback and blow-ups. Hambly, Ben; Ledger, Sean; Søjmark, Andreas. arXiv:1801.07703

The p-width of the alternating groups. Malcolm, A. arXiv:1710.04972

Enumerating $3$-generated axial algebras of Monster type. Sanhan, Khasraw; McInroy, Justin; Shpectorov, Sergey. arXiv:1809.10657

On the structure of axial algebras. Sanhan, Khasraw; McInroy, Justin; Shpectorov, Sergey. arXiv:1809.10132

An expansion algorithm for constructing axial algebras. McInroy, Justin; Shpectorov, Sergey, arXiv:1804.00587

Code algebras which are axial algebras and their $\mathbb{Z}_2$-gradings. Castillo-Ramirez, Alonso; McInroy, Justin. arXiv:1802.03342

On the few products, many sums problem. Murphy, B.; Rudnev, M.; Shkredov, I.; Shteinikov, Y. arXiv:1712:00410

Popular products and continued fractions. Moshchevitin, N.; Murphy, B.; Shkredov, I. arXiv:1808.05845

Two converse theorems for Maass forms. Neururer, M; Oliver, T. arXiv:1809.06586

A statistical interpretation of spectral embedding: the generalised random dot product graph. Rubin-Delanchy, P.; Priebe, C.; Tang, M.; Cape, J. arXiv:1709.05506

Choosing between methods for combining p-values. Heard, N; Rubin-Delanchy, P. arXiv:1707.06897

Meta-analysis of mid-p-values: some new results based on the convex order. Rubin-Delanchy, P.; Heard, N.; Lawson, D. arXiv:1505.05068

Weights in a Benson–Solomon block. Lynd, Justin; Semeraro, Jason. arXiv:1712.02826

Fusion systems on maximal class $3$-groups of rank two revisited. Parker, Chris; Semeraro, Jason. arXiv:1809.01957

Weights conjectures for fusion systems. Kessar, Radha; Linckelmann, Markus; Lynd, Justin; Semeraro, Jason. arXiv:1810.01453

Galois self-dual cuspidal types and Asai local factors. Anandavardhanan, U. K.; Kurinczuk, Robert; Matringe, Nadir; Vincent Sécherre; Stevens, Shaun. arXiv:1807.07755

Reducible subgroups of exceptional algebraic groups. Litterick, A.; Thomas, Adam. arXiv:1801.09266

A combinatorial proof of the Murnaghan–Nakayama rule. Kochhar, Jasdeep; Wildon, Mark. arXiv: 1805.00255

The multistep homology of the simplex and representations of symmetric groups. Wildon, Mark. arXiv: 1803.00465