Small Grants Call

The Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research offers small grants for projects supportive of UK mathematical research. The Heilbronn Institute expects many grants to be at the level of £5,000 or less, but we will accept applications up to £10,000, or occasionally greater when a strong case is made.

The funding can be used to support any form of activity involving mathematical research, but the Heilbronn Institute particularly welcomes applications for, but not limited to, the following purposes.

º Partial or full support towards workshops, small conferences, symposia, colloquia, or seminars.

º Travel and local expenses for visiting professors/academics, PhD students or speakers.

º Support for collaborative research programmes or activities.

º The education and training of students and young mathematicians.

º Support for activity that is not eligible for funding from other sources or where funding is limited.

How to apply: Further information is available here. Proposals should be sent to the Heilbronn Manager