London Geometry and Machine Learning

21 Jun 2021, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

LOGML Summer School | 12-16 July 2021 (Online)

During the week, early career researchers will work in small groups under the guidance of experienced mentors on a research project in the intersection of geometry and machine learning. The week will also feature presentations delivered by prominent figures in the field as well as a company and networking night.


Daniel Platt (Imperial College London)
Mehdi Bahri (Imperial College London)
Momchil Konstantinov (Eigen Technologies)
Tim King (King’s College London)

Keynote Speakers: Michael Bronstein (Imperial College London), Ulrike Tillmann (Oxford)

Speakers: Michael Betancourt (Symplectomorphic LLC), Thomas Kipf (Google Brain), Maximilian Nickel (Facebook AI Research), Martin Rumpf (Universität Bonn), Ruriko Yoshida (Naval Postgraduate School, California), Sanja Fidler (University of Toronto, Vector Institute, Nvidia), Niloy J. Mitra (University College London), Maks Ovsjanikov (École Polytechnique), Gabriele Steidl (Technische Universität Berlin), Marinka Zitnik (Harvard University)

More information on the Summer School website