Arithmetic and algebraic geometry of higher-dimensional varieties

26 Feb 2016, by chrystalcherniwchan in Events

Organisers: Tim Browning and Dan Ryder

Submission deadline: 31 July 2009

The primary goal of this workshop is to stimulate further interaction between Diophantine and algebraic geometers. The main themes of the meeting will be:
* classical algebraic geometry,
* Hasse principle and weak approximation,
* higher-dimensional Minimal Model Programme,
* density of integral and rational points,
* rational connectedness.

Main Speakers

M. Bright
G. Brown
P. Cascini
J.-L. Colliot-Thelene
A. Corti
S. Elsenhans
D. Harari
E. Peyre
P. Salberger
G. Sankaran
A. Skorobogatov
P. Swinnerton-Dyer
T. Szamuely
D. Testa
B. Totaro
R. van Luijk
Y. Tschinkel
O. Wittenberg