Heilbronn Annual Conference 2010

26 Feb 2016, by chrystalcherniwchan in Events

Organisers: Malcolm MacCallum

Submission deadline: 31 July 2010

The 2010 Heilbronn Conference will be held at the University of
Bristol on 16th and 17th September, starting at lunchtime on 16th. A
number of distinguished mathematicians are invited to present lectures, intended to be accessible to a mixed audience of mathematicians. Confirmed speakers include Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford), Chantal David (Concordia), Reinhard Diestel (Hamburg), Peter Keevash (Queen Mary), Richard Kenyon (Brown), Jonathan Pila (Bristol and Oxford), Nick Trefethen (Oxford), and Sanju Velani (York). All interested mathematicians are invited to attend. There is no registration fee but to enable estimation of numbers intending participants are requested to inform Chrystal Cherniwchan, Chrystal.Cherniwchan@bristol.ac.uk. UK graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who would like to attend and need support should contact Chrystal before 31 July 2010 detailing their requirements, enclosing a brief CV and explaining why other support is not available. The final program and additional details will be posted at:
http://www.maths.bris.ac.uk/research/heilbronn_institute/ in due course.

Main Speakers

Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford) ‘Topology and Data’
Chantal David (Concordia) ‘The fluctuations in the number of points of curves over finite fields’
Reinhard Diestel (Hamburg) ‘Infinite graphs with ends: a topological approach’
Peter Keevash (Queen Mary) ‘Restricted intersections and their applications’
Richard Kenyon (Brown) ‘Dimers and Clusters’
Jonathan Pila (Bristol and Oxford) ‘A model-theoretic approach to certain diophantine problems’
Nick Trefethen (Oxford) ‘Impossibility of fast stable approximation of analytic functions from equispaced samples’
Sanju Velani (York)