The Charm of Integrability

15 Feb 2022, by ablahatherell in Sponsored events

Honouring the scientific contributions of Alexander Its on the occasion of his 70th birthday

12 – 16 September 2022

School of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK

The goal of this conference is to bring together experts and young researchers, mathematicians and physicists, scientists with different backgrounds and different takes on integrable systems theory, to discuss the latest achievements in this dynamic field and to point at future research directions within the discipline. At the same time the meeting will serve to honour Alexander Its, a world renowned expert in the field, for his many groundbreaking contributions to the theory of integrable systems over the past 40 years, on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


Thomas Bothner (University of Bristol) 
Tamara Grava (University of Bristol; International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/IAS) 
Ken McLaughlin (Colorado State University) 
Andrei Prokhorov (University of Michigan) 

More information on the conference website