Kac-Moody Groups and L-functions

19.09.2016 in Events

24 – 28 October 2016 University of Nottingham Organising committee: Sergey Oblezin and Tom Oliver A Heilbronn Focused Research Workshop, formed with the aim of…

The Sarnak Rigidity Conjecture

08.07.2016 in Events

16- 20 January, 2017 University of Bristol Organising Committee: Andrew Booker, Min Lee A Heilbronn Focused Research Workshop, formed with the aim of facilitating research…

Heilbronn Institute opening conference

26.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Elmer Rees Description: The opening conference of the Heilbronn Institute Main Speakers: A. Granville: The anatomy of integers and other themes of probabilistic number…

Number theory and polynomials

26.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: James McKee Description: This workshop, at the Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol, UK, sponsored by the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research, covered a…

Randomness and complexity

26.02.2016 in Events

Organisers: Dominic Welsh, Mark Jerrum Description: Workshop held by the Heilbronn Instiute/University of Bristol Main Speakers: Magnus Bordewich (Durham): Optimising metrics in path coupling Graham…